Here, you will see how you can create your helm chart and push to Amazon ECR .

I am creating the Helm chart for the WordPress application. A Helm chart usually composed of following:

Chart.yaml: contains the details of the chart.

templates folder: contains the configuration yaml manifests.

Values.yaml: contains…

Let’s say we have created a sign up HTML form in Flask Application. We try to store the data related to sign up in the python dictionary. Now if our program terminates due to some reason then all the data store in the dictionary will vanish. To make our data…

Aggregation operations process data records and return computed results. Aggregation operations group values from multiple documents together, and can perform a variety of operations on the grouped data to return a single result. …

What do you find above?

you will say RedHat 8 linux operating system. But there is something more in this picture. Actually it is default GNOME desktop environment of RedHat linux. GNOME is the open source community which is highly supported by RedHat and other supporters include AWS, Google, Digital Ocean and more.


The world is one big data problem

Big Data is hype in the market. Earlier Big Data considered as a problem but soon this problem has been resolved and now it is known for the operations such as Big Data analysis and Big Data analytics. …

For the intro of Jenkins checkout

There has been significant shift in Automotive Industries, where manufactures instead of developing complex hardwares, actually creating softwares. Companies like Tesla is using softwares to manage their cars, General motors for their On-Star Program. …

Jenkins: Engine of DevOps

Agenda of the Story:

  • Before Jenkins
  • What is Jenkins?
  • What is continuous Integration?

Before Jenkins

Before Jenkins, many development teams employed a nightly build as part of their software delivery process. The nightly build process required teams to commit their code to the source code repository…

Top companies like amazon , google have successfully shift their architecture from the monolithic to microservice. A monolithic architecture is highly coupled means there is high dependency among the components. With high dependency there are some challenges like maintenance, technology enhancement and security. …

To setup the WordPress with AWS RDS you are going to implement the following steps:

  • Create an AWS EC2 instance
  • Configure the instance with Apache Webserver.
  • Download php application name “WordPress”.
  • As WordPress stores data at the backend in MySQL
    Database server. …

In the inventory we generally give the ip of the container that we will configure. But when we are to launch and configure a container then in that case we don’t know the ip of the container that will be launched.

To troubleshoot the problem of ip of container in…

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